Transformative Executive Coaching

As a former VP at Salesforce I know how challenging it can be to lead from the front in a fast-paced, dynamic, high performing culture.

I coach high potential leaders to rediscover their most authentic & vital expression of self, redefine success and take their relationships at work and home to a whole new level.

  • Be empowered to thrive. Manage negative stress, increase awareness, calmness, confidence & clarity of thought.

  • Deeply understand what fulfils you across the full spectrum of life, and how to find it in your current situation.

  • Architect a vision of an incredible future & move boldly toward it, removing limitations and obstacles on the path.

  • Use the power of meditation as fuel for transformation and an accelerant towards a life of courage, purpose & fulfilment.

  • Have an experienced, independent sounding board to explore new perspectives on major challenges and opportunities.

Lena Boon, Senior Marketing Manager Intercontinental Hotel Group

Lena Boon, Senior Marketing Manager
Intercontinental Hotel Group


“Scott seems to be there at the most perfect time, always challenging me to live more expansively.

I call him the dream enabler. Scott played a part in every pivotal point of the last year, pushing me beyond my self-limiting beliefs to explore my curiosities and manifest my dreams.

Thank you for the powerful gift of inspiration and your always positive energy.”