Executive Recharge Experience

BALI, 2019

The Executive Recharge Experience is a highly personal, immersive journey to restore wellbeing, up-level mindset, lifestyle & behaviour and up-skill in high-performance stress management.

Enabled with new tools to reduce stress, deepen focus and strengthen relationships at home and work, executives will return clear thinking & revitalised, with an action plan & inspired vision of the future across all aspect of life.

Incorporating powerful coaching protocols, transformational healing modalities and utilising the Island of the Gods (Bali) as a paradisiacal backdrop and learning environment, this highly tailored and fully supported all-inclusive program offers like-minded professionals the following:

  • Unparalleled VIP access to the magic of Bali

  • Detoxification from tech, alcohol & caffeine* (optional)

  • Deep Rest, Downtime and Rejuvenating treatments

  • Transformative Life Mastery Coaching to inspire growth

  • Healthy, delicious & nutrient rich meals, juices and smoothies

  • Executive Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness for High Performance

  • Transformative Life Mastery Coaching to inspire growth

  • Cultural, Adventure & Introspective experiences

  • Be up-skilled with transformational techniques to:

  • Reduce stress and calm the mind

  • Heighten your emotional intelligence

  • Improve your sense of wellbeing and performance at work

  • Increase inspiration, clarity, problem solving and innovation

All meals, private room accommodation, transport, experiences and workshops are included.