How to Practice the Meditation Technique

  1. Find a comfortable place to meditate either at home, at work or even outside in a park. This technique can be practiced anywhere. Remember noise does not inhibit our ability to practice at all.

  2. Begin the meditation with half a minute to settle down and get comfortable. We do this by taking three deep breaths into the belly and chest, holding for 2 seconds then releasing. These breaths help let go of all the tension we may be holding.

  3. Then softly start the mantra AHAM inside your mind with no force or strain, allowing the mantra to effortlessly repeat. Let it pulse like a sound more than a word.

  4. Use Insight Timer, a watch or clock to gauge the 20 minute mark. Using an alarm can shock you out of a deep state and can give you a headache if you come out too deeply.

  5. At 20 minutes, end the meditation by keeping the eyes closed and letting go of the mantra. It’s important to take an extra 30 seconds - 2 minutes to slowly bring your awareness back into the room before opening the eyes.