Meditation for
High Performance

Want to feel calmer? Gain greater clarity & focus? Supercharge your brain-power?

As professionals in a fast paced world, stress is a part of life, but the high levels of stress & stress-related illness that we are seeing today are abnormal by historical standards.

There is a large body of scientific evidence that demonstrates how meditation reduces the negative impact of stress and promotes a wide range of benefits for optimal health and wellbeing. Meditation helps establish deeper and more meaningful connections to ourselves and others, giving rise to a more fulfilling life.

It’s no surprise that many top business leaders use meditation to reduce stress & deliver better results.

Up-skill yourself and your team with an effortless meditation technique rooted in ancient wisdom made accessible for the modern executive. Our course offers a powerful, effective and easily learnt technique that can be practiced at home, work or anywhere at anytime.

Research shows that this meditation technique:

  • calms the amygdala reactivity centre, moving the body out of fight or flight mode

  • strengthens connections within the prefrontal cortex, aka the executive centre, CEO of the brain

  • increases Alpha 1 brain waves, which are associated with the resting state of the brain

By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn how stress positively and negatively impacts performance

  • Identify the symptoms of unhealthy stress to avoid burnout

  • Understand the connection between wellbeing and self-awareness

  • Receive instruction in a deeply restful meditation technique

  • By supported to establish a daily habit of meditation

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“Scott is inspirational, knowledgable and a great teacher - comfortably sharing his blended insights across his past career in technology sales to now driving executive wellbeing.

I just completed Scott’s ‘Meditation for Busy Minds’ executive course, and its really helped me shift gears within my mindfulness practice”
— Chris Bell - Twitter
“I recently did the Meditation for High Performance course with Scott and I can honestly say it was exceptional. I lead a wild life balancing a fast-paced full-time job and owning and operating a start-up business on the side as well as somehow fitting in a highly social lifestyle. I was feeling burnt out, anxious, out of balance and I hadn’t been sleeping well for close to 18 months. The course itself was a great experience, an intimate group of non-judgemental people in a very relaxing and comfortable setting. I have been able to apply this meditation to my everyday life with ease, which surprises me because I can’t stick to a diet to save myself. After the first day, I had the best sleep I have had in a really long time and this has continued to be consistent. I’m more mindful in my life choices - eating, drinking, meetings, exercise, getting out and being social. I feel much calmer, less anxious and able to mark smarter decisions with ease.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels stress and balance is becoming a problem. It’s easy to implement into everyday life and the benefits are incredible”
— Sarah Purches - RMIT

Session one

Receive the instruction for how to practice the technique followed by Q&A and a deeper review of the instruction.



Ensure participants have a practical and theoretical understanding of how to practice the technique and how to make it a daily habit.