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Mindful Adventures in Wellbeing

Meditation for Sustained High Performance


Feel incredibly calm.
Gain greater clarity & focus.
Supercharge your brain-power. 

As professionals in a fast-paced world, stress is a part of life, but the high levels of burnout that we are seeing today are abnormal by historical standards.

Healthy stress drives performance; it’s unhealthy stress that debilitates high performers if they don’t learn effective methods to reduce it.

There is a large body of evidence that demonstrates how meditation reduces the negative impact of stress and promotes a wide range of benefits for optimal health, mindset and cognitive functions.

It’s no surprise that CEO’s such as Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) & Marc Benioff (Salesforce) use meditation to reduce stress & perform better.

Up-skill yourself (and your team) with an effortless meditation technique for the modern executive.

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Meditation changed the game for me. I now have a better approach
to decision making and work life balance thanks to Scott“.

Jim Williams
Director, Solutions Engineering APAC, Salesforce




Meditation for High Performance

Team Workshop


Perfect as a one-time workshop or as part of an off-site / retreat* this introductory session dives into the principles of well-being, human performance, awareness and recovery from stress. Participants are guided through a deeply restful meditation.

Inclusions & Availability
1 x Meditation for High Performance workshop, delivered in-person for 1 - 1.5 hr


Meditation for High Performance

Training Course


This 2 session training course explores the principles of well-being, human performance, self-awareness, productivity, meditation & recovery from stress. Participants are comprehensively trained to be self-sufficient in a powerful technique scientifically proven to reduce the negative impacts of stress. Participants will cultivate a daily habit of meditation to reduce stress & increase self-awareness.

Inclusions & Availability
A Meditation for High Performance training course, delivered over 2 x 1.5 hr in-person sessions on an agreed 2 day schedule at your office, off-site venue or hired facility*.

By the end of this training you will:

  • Learn how stress positively and negatively impacts performance.

  • Identify the symptoms of unhealthy stress to avoid burnout.

  • Understand the connection between well-being and self-awareness.

  • Know how to meditate and have an effective meditation routine.

  • Takeaway mindful productivity techniques to perform at your best.

*Travel, Catering, Venue & AV hire are additional costs (as required).


1:1 Private Coaching


This tailored learning experience includes all of the benefits from the meditation course, in a highly personal 1:1 environment. Clients are comprehensively trained and coached to establish a daily routine of this powerful, scientifically proven technique.

Additionally, explore your potential for transformation beyond “stress-reduction”. Using advanced meditation & coaching practices, tune into your inner wisdom to cultivate greater heart & mind coherence, upgrade belief systems, reimagine success & accelerate your progress towards an incredible future. Who are you becoming?